6 Ways To Grow Targeted Twitter Followers

Until recently, so “the process of tagging pages easier,” was rather tedious and annoying for publishers. Collect code and “Chiclets” (logos) of each service to facilitate first bookmark service links and RSS feeds, then posting a mishmash of these relations in the vicinity of Web content to encourage visitors to feed subscribe or bookmark that the content by one of dozens of popular services.

This theory is hardly new to soap opera fans–we have heard it all before. Last summer I went on a vacation up in Maine to a house my family had rented for a week. My cousin Beth visited and while she was there I discovered that Beth was one of those addicted to FarmVille. Interesting enough, my cousin doesn’t fit the typical Zynga user profile at all. She’s a special needs school teacher, single with an active social life, buckets of friends and a passion for traveling and photography. Beth was also one of the few soap opera fans in the house aside from my mother. Every day, Beth and I would stop what we were doing to tune into General Hospital and share a cocktail or two.

Credibility: How you project yourself is an important thing. Companies, especially small ones, are paying you the big bucks, sometimes, to be the backbone of their company’s reputation and brand. You need to be credible in order to pull this off. It is common savvy to know that you need to be a trusted brand yourself before anyone will put you in charge of making sure their brand is a trusted one as well. This takes time and a few clients under your belt with a proven success-rate to do that.

We think version is a very important player in the SMO-space, since it provide the first service to a generic gateway to the collection and distribution of many different types of content. AddThis acts as a bridge between the Web Publisher, Web users, and the Crovu.co.

Find your competition. Perform a Google blog search. Google allows you to search by blogs only, and you should search terms that are related to your industry.

12. Resist Unimportant Chatter – This is a big one. Many folks post too much unimportant information (Ex. my dog took a pee,) private jokes, or every turn of their life. Resist the urge to share topics or issues that are likely not to have meaning to most of your audience. The reality is that most folks don’t care about your dog going to the bathroom and if you continue to post useless information you will be ignored when you want to be heard when posting something important.

It’s not enough anymore to simply occupy a seat on the social media bus. If you want to extend your company’s brand message, it’s vital to communicate with a clear, consistent and compelling voice. If you do, you will not only win the continued confidence of your loyal customer base, but gain the attention of potential new clients who share your values. And that type of branding speaks louder than words.

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6 Ways To Grow Targeted Twitter Followers

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