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Archery has become a great sport over the years, but it can be expensive. There is a way to have fun with archery without losing all your green. It is quite simple to make and use a bow, but these step-by-step instructions will help make it simpler.

A recurve bow is interesting because the bows edges curve away from the user. This gives the overall bow some extra pop. Finally, a compound bow is a special bow designed for archery type situations. This means the bow will excel in archery tournaments and can add extra velocity to the arrows.

Repeat the above steps with the 2nd pin from the top. But if you are hitting left/right with your arrow only move the 2nd pin left/right and not all of them. You do not want to touch that top pin once you have it set. You should not have to do this. If you are pushing your arrow left/right take multiple shots to verify.

With all the technical aspects of an elevated shot resolved, there is still the problem involving the eyes and mind. When drawing from an elevated position, the shooter must lower his or her bow to the target. Often times the shooter, just like Bob, will see the upper back line of the deer as the best bow sights drops on the target, and then hold when he spots mid-body. However, with the lower pins on the bow blocking the sight picture, he actually does not know that he is holding high on the animal.

There are many different types of bow sights on the market. Choosing which is right for you will depend on how you plan to use the sight, and your own personal preference. For instance, using a high priced target sight will be of no use to the ordinary hunter. The expert at your local archery store will be able to explain all the different uses for different sights.

Contamination of a spot is always an issue. This is why you would want to move around to different spots every so often so your scent will not stay around.

Scout as much as possible, and find that deer’s bedroom! Don’t just settle for traveled routes (unless they’re heavily impacted). If you find his ‘bedroom’, the chances of him returning to that area, and your chances of seeing him are increased.

For me, a great value and price for a good sight is the Trophy Ridge Punisher 5. The sight comes with pins that are small and are also fiber optic. You can also replace these while you’re out shooting if you need. The other plus is that it’s made for either right or left hand. This means that you don’t have to worry about matching it to your bow or if someone else wants to use it.

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