Career Sales Training – You Receive What You Believe

When discussing selling success, there is a law of cause and effect. If you see a certain result from a successful salesperson you can always trace it back to certain actions that sales person took, to get them to that achieved result. Here are seven things you can do to accelerate your sales career.

Unbeknownst of this, you wonder what to do? Do you keep calling or leave a final message telling Mrs. Executive to call you when she’s ready to talk? Considering the fact that you have only made 5 contacts by now, you need to make 3 more. So you know what to do.

It breaks my heart to hear someone giving Корпоративные тренинги по продажам who tells his students to “answer an objection.” You can’t. An objection is not a question. It’s a statement. That’s why everything you have been taught about overcoming objections – that is, answering them – is wrong. The only thing that can be answered is a question. Think about that.

It’s not just that slides are boring. It’s that audiences are fed up with being passive while sales presenters ‘spit sand.’ There’s a lot of discussion about what makes sales presentations really work.

You realize that hype inflated income claims and fool-proof systems will NOT build your business for you and will not guarantee YOUR own тренинг по продажам В2В personal success.

Watch your prospect closely for buying signals – such as nodding, reaching for their credit card, or picking up the goods. If any objections come up here, re-explore that area of their needs and then ask for the sale again.

A final thought for this article: Consider this word of caution as you move forward. Refrain from setting a goal to become the opposite of shy which is pushy and arrogant. As you come into balance being a bit reserved will present a certain vulnerability and you will be seen as non-threatening. That is a definite asset.

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