Video Production – Pre Production Stage

The eighth profile in the Cleveland Performing Arts Examiner ACTOR PROFILE series features actor, director and student, MARC MORITZ. This series (in interview form) is in process to “get to know” some of our own northeastern Ohio talent. Profiles will feature equity and non-equity actors, stage and screen actors, as well as young, old and in-between actors. These are your peers and your neighbors – please enjoy!

AC: Breathe and stretch. I don’t ravish kumar wife like getting over-prepared for an audition. I sort of like being lost and afraid when I audition for a part. Sometimes it can go wrong, but I like the unexpected. The moment-to-moment is always unexpected.

This is not a resume’ or anything similar. Try to steer clear from headshots as your profile photo. Again, try to be different. Use fun and unique pictures of you in an activity you love.

First you have to show the world that you already have love in your life…that you have a loving support center. Do not go online begging for love and attention. You will either be used or ignored! When you set up your online profile, let it “reek” of love for yourself! Let it beam from your photo. Do not put your photo on your profile unless you can look at it and see a wonderful person that is not only lovable, but capable of loving! I don’t care how many photos you waste!

A. Sometimes. There are many good production companies throughout the world. Even in small communities. There’s a difference, however, in video production and business/industrial video production. There’s no magic in producing a good looking video. What’s more difficult is producing a video that sells a product, service, or viewpoint.

They’re several why you should consider online dating sites: (1) There is often a great deal of men from which to choose. You aren’t tied to the men inside your social circle or work place singles dating online.

EF: Finding new things to bring to characters that are sometimes so stuck in being done one way. Or it could be taking risks on characters- taking them to a “dark” place, or a place that you yourself would never go.

MALE 6 – Trucker. Timid, easily confused. Second guesses himself constantly. Talks to machine like it’s a real person. Never posted anything on personals before.

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