Attraction Marketing For Mlm In The New Economy – New School & Old School Mlm Exposed

An Autoresponder is the beginning of your marketing funnel. This is where your prospect enters your sales channel. This is where you can engage them and even more importantly follow up with them. The average person does not respond to any sales offer until between 5 to 12 follow ups. Consistency is Key!. Build rapport and establish a relationship with your prospect. Offer Value and content through your emails. Keep your emails short and sweet, preferably small paragraphs. Sending them in intervals of 2 – 3 days is enough for you to stay on the top of their minds. Any shorter then that and your content comes across as being spam. Any longer then 3 days in between messages they may forget who you are and consider it spam also.

I whipped out that plan in about 30 minutes. I know exactly how I will reach my ideal customers. I know how the retreats, classes, coaching and adventures I want to offer will look. I got so pumped!

Yes, that does sound funny but it is the truth. If you are working with a particular company and that company sells a travel product, the best lead that you could get would be a person that loves to travel and wants to be in business for them self. Someone like that would love a chance to build this kind of business because they already love the product.

So why do I think direct response is the champion? Simply because it puts you in the driver’s seat. Using direct response you actually give your customer instructions on what you want them to do. Specifically, how to “respond” to you so you get their contact details. Which means instead of hoping (and remember, hope is not a strategy) people will come to you – you can go to them. Again and again and again so that you create an ongoing relationship. It also means you can concentrate on building your customer list so you never have to worry about where your next sale is coming from.

Pay-per-click campaigns-paying for each of the people that come to your site. I know some people avoid the cost, but…this works. Wouldn’t you rather spend a few bucks and have people looking at your site within 15 minutes of making that decision? I would…and I DO.

We discussed this last week. Marketing, whether your business or yourself, is the one task that wise people do daily – YES…DAILY. You should do at least one thing each day to keep your click funnels review full.

These levels and prices aren’t cast in stone. Your funnel is to lead people through the process of getting to know you without risk. Each step requires more commitment (more risk) in price and time. The key here is: IF you have provided value, LOTS of it, at that level, and IF you have encouraged them to want more, COMPEL them with your core marketing statement and VALUE statement to want more, then they will want more. And, yes, you will lose people in every step, or at least there will be some that don’t take the step right then and there, but might be sticking around where you can get them back into the funnel for the next time.

As you can see, it’s very important that you have a great converting offer. If you are out spending money on advertising, you need to have a product that converts. That way, you will break even with your initial campaigns and make big money on the back-end products.

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Attraction Marketing For Mlm In The New Economy – New School & Old School Mlm Exposed

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