Buying A Home At Miami Beach Real Estate

The green movement’s gotten a lot of good press recently, and in the 2010 decade, many Americans will be looking for great ways to lend a hand and keep the Earth healthy. Here’s a look at a few simple ways that you can help the country to go green in the next ten years.

Keep an open mind when looking for a home. Many of us are easily influenced by first impressions but try to stay objective when considering the potential of a home. Whether the current style of the house is good or bad, don’t let looks dictate your decision. An “ugly” house could have very good bones and lots of potential. On the other hand, a beautifully decorated home could be hiding structural problems. In either cases, a thorough evaluation of the home, including a home inspection, should be the deciding factor. Not looks alone.

The difference between improvements and upgrades plays an important role in determining where to invest your dollars before putting your house on the market. Improvements maintain a home’s value. They keep the home within range of market value as well as lending appraisal values.

Your home’s location is still the biggest factor determining its value. With that in mind, renovations make the most sense if they bring your house up to the norm for the neighborhood.

Make sure your Realtor (now required in California) outlines the short sale contingency terms and conditions. This essentially sets the time frame for approval by the lender which may or may not help.

Include upgrades such as new appliances, Jacuzzi tub, small hot tub in the back yard or a new deck with a cover right for the area’s weather conditions.

As real estate market conditions continue to soften, you need every advantage possible to help your home sell. Don’t wait with your fingers crossed, hoping the buyer’s home inspector doesn’t find any problems. Consider a pre-listing home inspection to put you in the driver’s seat and to present your home in the proper light.

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Buying A Home At Miami Beach Real Estate

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