Charge Up The Feel Good Factor In You!

Part I was about preparing to become a reader. It focused on the importance of quieting your mind, which is best done by using meditation. The form of meditation does not matter so long as it stops the “monkey chatter” and allows you to be open to the “wee still voice” that is used to communicate from spirit to you.

Another way to center is by using a Budhist smiling meditation groups baltimore. We start by sitting in meditative pose with a smile on our faces. We continue to imagine other parts of our body smiling, until even our liver smiles. This brings a connection with our center, and with it joy.

At one point a desert people forgot their spirituality. The Creator brought about these desert people; after a time all became sinful except for one man, I’itoi (Elder Brother). The Creator warned I’itoi of a flood which would come and sent him to the top of Baboquivari Peak, a sacred mountain. The flood destroyed the desert people. After the flood, I’itoi helped the Creator create the Hohokam, from which the Tohono O’odham are descended and taught the people right from wrong. They lived in harmony for a time, but eventually turned on I’itoi and killed him; his spirit went back to Baboquivari Peak and remains there today. The man represents birth (of individual, of family, of tribe). The turns of the maze are changes in his life.

It’s sad to say that in such a materialistic world many forget about spiritual maturity or attaining enlightenment, all they want is a slim and fit body. There’s nothing wrong with being healthy and fit but a far greater endeavour is mastery over ourselves. The word Hatha literally means the joining of energies, specifically that of the sun and the moon. Sun coming from the word ‘Ha’ and moon from the word ‘Tha’. So we have ‘sun’ and ‘moon’, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, the unifying of two opposites.

When you hear over and over that everyone has psychic abilities and could perform their own readings, it’s true. We all have a sixth sense and sometimes we need to work on fine tuning it. You most likely have had many times in your life, when you sensed something was wrong, or maybe something just popped into your head, seemingly out of the blue. The sixth sense is a feeling and is not a thought. So, there you go.

So you went out and bought the movie The Secret, you watched every YouTube video on the law of attraction, you signed up for countless newsletters, even bought a couple of e-books. Yet no matter how hard you study, no matter what positive thoughts you think or how hard you try to feel good you find yourself holding the wrong end of the stick.

One can measure the state of the Bliss Sheath by analyzing whether man is agitated, worried, angry, discontented etc. or whether he is happy, contented, jovial etc. At a gross level it is believed that man attains joy or sorrow due to the influence of objects, individuals or circumstances. Yet a deeper analysis tells us that this is totally illogical. Each aspect has varied viewpoints. Man is happy or sad depending on what his thinking is.

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