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Prior to 1978 paint contained lead. The inclusion of lead in paint caused problems because children would pick at the wall and then put the paint chips in their mouth. This resulted in the children getting lead into their body which was a potential health risk. As a result the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, banned the use of lead in paint in 1978.

Depending on your situation, the lowest rate mortgage may not be the best deal. For example, if you plan to move in a couple of years, paying points for low rates may not save you money.

Former coach Jerry Sandusky was indicted on November 4 and arraigned on November 5 on 40 counts of child sexual abuse against eight victims between 1996 and 2009.

The fact is, and F.B.I statistics bear this out, where there are more guns there is less crime. While the number of guns in the U.S. has risen from around 192 million 20 years ago to around 325 million today, the rate of both violent crime and murder has dropped 49%. Why? It’s common sense. Criminals seek out easy targets.

Combine that rating with using lids for pots and pans, oven cooking with glassware (turn the oven down 25 degrees), and using the correct sized burner for each pan will save energy.

My last reason for opposing Prop 19 is very simple. It is against the fiscalnote. The fact that the Obama Administration said it would not oppose California’s medical marijuana law isn’t really important. It is a Federal law that should be obeyed.

Now those who have a love affair with eagle yoke want to control the bodies of hikers and maybe even bikers and mountain climbers should something go wrong. Studies show men are more likely to get lost no matter what they’re doing and refuse directions. So if any of these men are lost, they may have to exercise a certain choice in their diet in order to survive. The anti-choice crowd, those yoke lovers, want us to believe that eagleism begins just at the time when a delicious omelet could be had. Omelets aren’t eagles. Okay?

It is illegal to feed deer in Wells. The law was apparently created because a large number of deer were attracted to the town by the feeding on public and private property in town. The law was also made in consideration of the fact that deer carry the tick known to carry Lyme disease, which is a public health menace. The law was also created because of a concern over traffic safety problems caused by deer.

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