Houston Academy Uses Basketball As Awareness For Serious Cause

Did you know that the origins of pepper spray goes back literally thousands of years to the Chinese who made up bags of fiery hot spices that could be thrown at their enemies? Today things are a little different thank goodness.

Then came the 4 day Education for Life event. I knew I wanted to go into share trading, but needed help (and lots of it) to know when, what and where to put my hard earned money into with as little risk as humanly possible.

In almost every other zombie movie, the zombies were slow moving dullards that you could easily bash in the skull in order to escape. Even if the previous version of this movie, now a classic, the zombies were easy enough to kill. Anything you could get your hand on would suffice to bash their zombie skulls in.

But it’s not about what Newton. You will not find in New York or Los Angeles or South Beach. Instead, rookie Carolina Panthers spent most of his time quietly in Bradenton, Fla., working to develop a game that will translate to the professional level.

In 2001 he requested to be transferred to Rod Marsh’s ECB Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses. IN 2002 he had a hernia operation. After his operation he returned to action and played in the World Cup where he took center stage.

Fiona and I had a bit of a chat but we both knew this was the way to go for us. We bought the program knowing that without action we will be in the same place we were in right then and there.

And just like in the classic original, our small group of survivors learn their hideout is by no means permanent. They need to find transportation, and get away from the quickly growing crowd of zombies who are outside, hungering for their flesh. In an escape worthy of an academy award, our group finds transportation, and gets out of the mall. They hope to make their way to escape by boat, to a safe island, that they hope is free from flesh craving zombies. However, there is a nasty surprise waiting for them there. If you haven’t seen this fantastic remake of Dawn of The Dead, you must. Before it’s too late.

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